Romeo (e??e??i?¤) try a Korean band that is made of 7 members: Seunghwan, Yunsung, Milo, Minsung, Kyle, Hyunkyung and Kangmin

Romeo (e??e??i?¤) try a Korean band that is made of 7 members: Seunghwan, Yunsung, Milo, Minsung, Kyle, Hyunkyung and Kangmin

Stage title: escort services in Oakland Minsung (e??i„±) beginning Name: Kim Minhwi (e?€e??i??) Position: Lead performer, Vocalist, artistic birthday celebration: December 24, 1996 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn level: 182 cm (6’0a€?) pounds: 63 kg (138 lbs) blood-type: B Nationality: Korean

Level term: Seunghwan (iS?i™?) beginning Name: Lee Seunghwan (i??iS?i™?) place: chief, principal rap artist, Lead performer, Vocalist Birthday: December 10, 1994 Zodiac indication: Sagittarius Birthplace: southern area Korea peak: 174 cm (5’9a€?) body weight: 61 kg (134 pounds) Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Instagram:

Seunghwan facts: a€“ His nickname are a€?The Naggera€?. a€“ their passion is actually writing raps. a€“ studies: IlSan HaengShin senior school a€“ he had been a pleasurable Face activity trainee. a€“ He furthermore is a Star Empire activities trainee. a€“ he’s the one that talks one particular during interview. a€“ Seunghwan’s best sort: anyone simple; anyone with very long untouched locks; anybody with reduced makeup; a person who is a useful one.

Stage identity: Yunsung (i?¤i„±) Birth title: Hwang Yunsung (i™©i?¤i„±) Position: principal Vocalist Birthday: March 19, 1996 Zodiac signal: Pisces peak: 175 cm (5’9a€?) pounds: 63 kg (139 lbs) blood-type: A Nationality: Korean Instagram:

Yunsung truth: a€“ their nicknames include a€?Mood Liftera€?, a€?Yunsilia€? a€“ He can have fun with the keyboard. a€“ their pastimes tend to be diving and traveling alone. a€“ Education: Korea ways twelfth grade a€“ he could be proficient at Aegyo. a€“ Yunsung’s cousin try Hwang A-Young from make 101 period 1. a€“ their footwear size is 260mm. a€“ the guy wants FIFA on the web 4. a€“ the guy loves sungnyung, a traditional Korean infusion made of boiled scorched grain. a€“ He does not fancy eggplant. a€“ His favored season try springtime. a€“ His favorite shade are indigo. a€“ the guy likes a laid-back and neat garments preferences. a€“ If he were born once again. he’d nonetheless wish to be himself. a€“ Yunsung got a participant on MIXNINE. (ranked 49th) a€“ Yunsung try a participant on the program Mister Trot. a€“ On he debuted as an associate of Mr. T. a€“ Yunsung’s best kind: some body smart; Someone who eats really; some body cute.

Level term: Milo (e§?i??e??) Birth title: Kim Minhak (e?€e??i•™) place: contribute Rapper, important performer, Vocalist Birthday: August 20, 1996 Zodiac signal: Leo peak: 167 cm (5’6a€?) pounds: 52 kg (115 lbs) Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean

Milo information: a€“ He was produced in Gimpo, South Korea. a€“ their nickname is actually a€?The Conciergea€? a€“ There seemed to be a rumor that his elderly brother is BLANC7a€?s D.L. But Milo stated it isn’t genuine. a€“ their hobby is actually choreographing dances. a€“ training: KimPo 1st senior school a€“ He’s the cutest of Romeo customers. a€“ Milo got a participant on MIXNINE. (rated 41st) a€“ On , Romeo’s department mentioned that Milo will go on hiatus, to think on his immature measures. (the guy supposedly expected an underage Japanese enthusiast to come to his hotel room) a€“ On , Milo revealed which he grabbed the choice to get. a€“ Milo’ perfect means: anyone adorable; some body with a kind heart; some body petite.

When the other members requested a€?A man?

Minsung details: a€“ their nicknames include a€?Sleepy Heada€?, a€?Master Heodang Hwia€? a€“ their pastimes are kendo and experiencing tunes while taking walks in the road during the night. a€“ studies: ApGuJeong highschool a€“ he is regarded ideal searching representative. a€“ Minsung’s best type: Someone who has a hard individuality; a€?Someone who are able to care for myself.a€?

Level Name: Kyle (i??i??) delivery title: Ma Jaekyung (e§?iz¬e??) situation: Main Vocalist Birthday: January 15, 1997 Zodiac signal: Capricorn top: 177 cm (5’10a€?) fat: 58 kg (128 lbs) Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean Instagram:

Kyle knowledge: a€“ he had been created in Daegu, Southern Korea. a€“ they have a mature cousin. a€“ their nicknames become a€?Twinkle Twinkle Jaekyunga€?, a€?Jaekinga€? a€“ their hobbies tend to be soccer and operating. a€“ degree: Korea ways High School a€“ He’s the 4D personality associate. a€“ Kyle is actually a participant on MIXNINE. (ranked 44th) a€“ Kyle enlisted on . a€“ Kyle’s ideal kind: somebody who is actually adorable; some body with sense; some one tactful.

Stage title: Hyunkyung (i?„e??) beginning identity: Kim Hyunjong (e?€i?„i?…) Position: Vocalist, Visual/Face on the cluster birthday celebration: Sep 5, 1998 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 184 cm (6’0a€?) pounds: 62 kg (136 lbs) Blood Type: O Nationality: Korean Instagram:

Hyunkyung insights: a€“ their nickname is actually a€?Jonggia€?. a€“ His pastime is actually playing badminton. a€“ studies: HanLim Multi ways class a€“ Hyunkyung are a former Fantagio trainee, the guy just trained for 14 days. a€“ he’s similar birthday celebration as KangMin (just one year more mature). a€“ Hyunkyung was actually a participant on MIXNINE. (the guy located seventeenth) a€“ Hyunkyung’s best kind: a€?Someone that will best view me personally; a person who will only love mea€?.

Phase title: Kangmin (e°•e??) delivery identity: Noh Kangmin (e…?e°•e??) place: contribute performer, Lead rap artist, Vocalist, Maknae birthday celebration: September 5, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Virgo peak: 180 cm (5’11a€?) body weight: 62 kg (137 lbs) blood-type: O Nationality: Korean Instagram:

Kangmin knowledge: a€“ their nicknames were a€?Gigantic Babya€?, a€?Kkangminia€?, a€?Pop Boya€? (nickname distributed by Seunghwan) a€“ His hobbies become swallowing and mountaineering. a€“ training: college of operating Arts Seoul a€“ He has got a lovely smile. a€“ he’s the exact same birthday as Hyunkyung (simply 12 months young). a€“ he or she is in the same class as Gugudana€?s Mina, Oh My Girla€?s Arin and NCTa€?s tag. a€“ He was on MBN’s truth program a€?Uncle’s Rancha€? with UP10TIONa€?s Xiao. a€“ KangMmin’s best kind: a€?My best kind is a man like mea€?. a€? the guy remedied they to a€?a pretty persona€?.